Room ventilation during the COVID-19 pandemic

Better ventilation with Zehnder comfort ventilation systems

It is well known that a modern ventilation system ensures healthy indoor air. However, the benefits are particularly evident during the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition to social distancing, good hygiene and wearing a mask (the "AHA" rule), the German government is advising people to use good ventilation. This is referred to as AHA+L – the “L” stands for “Lüften” (ventilate)! In the colder months we spend more time indoors. As a result, indoor air quality decreases noticeably – increasing the risk of infection by viruses (including coronaviruses).

In view of this, the German government advises caution and is encouraging people to use continuous ventilation to reduce the virus load. With the addition of a “L” to the “AHA formula”, this has been made explicitly clear once again.

In everyday life, focus on ventilation rather than constant disinfection...
This is a quote from virologist Christian Drosten, who spoke on national radio station Deutschlandfunk

What this means is regular ventilation is of high importance, because this can make a major contribution to minimizing infections and thus protecting health. This couldn't be a better recommendation for Zehnder comfort ventilation systems.

Controlled, automated fresh air supply throughout the room

All of this speaks in favour of Zehnder comfort ventilation systems – and not only during these times

Our ventilation systems are the simplest and most pleasant solution for the continuous and automatic exchange of stale air. Regularly opening the windows wide not only releases heat - costing money on cold days, it also does not have the same effect. This is because the continuous supply of fresh air from a ventilation system reduces the concentration of aerosols and lowers the risk of coronavirus infection. Another advantage is that, as a pure fresh air system, Zehnder comfort ventilation not only supplies the optimum amount of fresh air, but also ensures rapid dilution of any contaminated air. This is all done automatically. Your customers no longer have to worry about air quality.

The technology of the innovation leader in indoor climate works against coronavirus

Thanks to high-quality Zehnder filters, no droplets that could contain the coronavirus can enter rooms via external and supply air ducts.

For even more safety and peace of mind, the supply and extract air ducts are always strictly separated from each other. This makes it virtually impossible for extract air that may be contaminated with droplets to be transported from the rooms to other areas via ventilation tubes.

Thanks to the low pressure in the extract air ducts, no extract air can escape even in the event of possible leakage of the ducts.

Educate your customers on the proper operation of their facility during the current COVID-19 pandemic:

  • It is generally recommended not to switch off ventilation systems and to ventilate rooms with as high a proportion of outside air as possible
  • If possible, use filters with a higher degree of separation. Filter class “F” (ISO ePM1) is recommended
  • Do not keep air humidity below 35%, but preferably above 40%
  • Ensure regular maintenance and servicing of the systems
  • Minimise overflow from different utilisation units (preferably balanced air volume flows in the utilisation units)

Discover how indoor air quality differs when windows are open and closed, and the benefits of a well-adjusted ventilation system.