Healthier indoors

Indoor climate specialist Zehnder and Sentinel Haus Institut launch partnership

Our collaboration with the Sentinel Haus Institut expands our expertise in ventilation through extensive research and development in the field of healthy living.

Healthy living and good indoor air quality go hand in hand and represent important key issues in the construction industry today. Ongoing efforts to combat the SARS-CoV-2 infection make it clearer than ever before just how closely indoor air quality is linked to health and safety.

Through its collaboration with the Sentinel Haus Institute, Zehnder is expanding its expertise in intelligent ventilation system solutions with the extensive research and development work of the leading independent knowledge provider for health in buildings. Their shared goal is to develop pioneering concepts for healthy living spaces and to provide the relevant digital solutions for consumers and building professionals.

A comprehensive package: Information and expertise plus practical, affordable solutions

The collaboration between Zehnder and the Sentinel Haus Institut follows a holistic approach and aims to increase the basic awareness of users and building professionals on the topic of healthy living. This begins with comprehensive information that explains the impact and benefits of fresh air from intelligent ventilation systems for consumers. End customers are provided with information on topics such as well-being, reduced pollutants in the air they breathe, protection against infections, improved performance at school or work, as well as comfort.

There is also a focus on transferring knowledge on reliable and transparent health concepts in buildings to consultants, architects, specialists and property developers. The ultimate goal is to provide proven and affordable solutions for energy-efficient building ventilation that combine the latest independent research with competence in advanced technology. This kind of comprehensive package is unique to the market and reflects the shared identity of both partners in assuming responsibility for the quality of health in buildings and therefore also for the well-being of its users.

Advantages for you and your customers

  • Expanding the ventilation expertise of Zehnder through extensive research and development with independent experts like the Federal Environment Agency and Robert Koch Institute
  • State-of-the-art technology from collaborations between the leading knowledge provider in healthy living and the indoor climate specialist Zehnder
  • Valuable information on healthy living and well-being for end consumers
  • Targeted transfer of independent knowledge on reliable and transparent health concepts in buildings to consultants and architects, specialists and property developers
  • Comprehensive total package with the aim of maximising transparency and healthy living

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