Connectivity: ventilation comfort on demand

The new connectivity solutions from Zehnder make controlling the indoor climate even smarter

Need maximum air exchange? Or less air exchange as no one is home? And all this on demand? It’s now possible with the new connectivity solutions from Zehnder.

Networked products and intelligent controls from Zehnder will enable an enhanced comfortable ventilation experience in the future – with individually tailored ventilation scenarios on demand.

The Zehnder connectivity solutions: more power, more comfort

More and more products are now being networked. The smart home is becoming increasingly relevant, especially with new building sectors.
Users are looking for intelligent products that are compatible with each other and are using the latest communication systems and smart controls. As an innovation leader, Zehnder is driving advances in this area. Using Alexa and Google Assistant voice control, it is even easier to operate Zehnder comfort ventilation systems – without pressing a single button or picking up a smartphone.

With Zehnder, you have the future in your portfolio today!

Zehnder connectivity solutions offer, for example, the option of controlling the ComfortAir Q comfort ventilation by means of scenarios without having to enter individual parameters. Possible programs: away / home / cooking / party / shower.

Customers who already use Zehnder ComfoControl and the Zehnder ComfoConnect app can simply unlock more comfort functions – without purchasing additional components!
New scenarios make it possible to adjust the air quality or temperature in advance to the suit users needs depending on the activity, e.g. fitness training – before the air consumption level becomes too high. Now that's smart!

The Zehnder Cloud

In the era of digitalisation, products and systems are becoming ever more intelligent – and Zehnder solutions are no different. The latest generation of ComfoAir Q ventilation is already networked, as it can be controlled via the ComfoControl app. Combined with the IoT Cloud from Zehnder, in the future your customers will enjoy smart control of their comfort ventilation on demand with Alexa or Google Home.

But voice control is only one part of the world of networked Zehnder products. The customer will also be automatically provided with an indoor climate and device dashboard on the web to gain insight into the various aspects of indoor climate. This will enable remote maintenance services. Service updates, maintenance intervals and function cycles all become transparent. For you as a Zehnder partner and for your customers.

Smart Home – made by Zehnder.

No connectivity without ComfoConnect

The ComfoConnect LAN C interface module is, so to speak, the connection gateway for communication between the end user, the ComfoAir Q comfort ventilation and the Alexa or Google Home app. Combined with the extended ComfoControl app, this module makes voice control possible and creates the connection to the Zehnder IoT cloud.

The ComfoConnect should not be seen as a stand-alone product, but as an important part of the Connectivity solution. The ComfoConnect KNX C is the interface module for integrating the ComfoAir Q comfort ventilation into the proven KNX building management system.

Advantages of connectivity for your customers

  • Easy to use and operate
  • Better integration of Zehnder systems into daily home processes
  • Increased user comfort
  • Personalisation via various control element options
  • Integration into an external smart home system during installation or at a later date

Advantages of connectivity for you

  • State-of-the-art products in your portfolio
  • Voice control is a great selling point for a future-oriented, expandable system
  • Simple remote diagnostics from the ComfoControl app or the user-friendly web platform
  • Settings optimisation can be carried out remotely
  • New sales potential thanks to continuous integration of new modules
  • Increased expertise by adding the latest technology products available