Zehnder Yucca design of the future

Large customer survey

“Voice of the Customer” is a relevant part of the innovation process at Zehnder and one of our most important principles when developing new products.

We conducted a survey in Europe among various customer groups to gather input regarding their design preferences for a possible further development of Zehnder Yucca.

Over 750 customers (wholesalers, specialists, planners, end customers, etc.) from seven European countries have contributed their opinions so that we can further develop the Zehnder Yucca decorative radiator more accurately.

The approach: structured for results with high significance

Our goal was to be able to gain the deepest possible knowledge about their preferences. Therefore, we filtered the opinions expressed according to various criteria (age group, profession, gender, etc.) and evaluated them. In the end, we want to offer design solutions that correspond to the preferences as well as possible.

What do you think came out of our customer survey on the future of Zehnder Yucca?

Flat, smart or slim? This is what the participants in the Zehnder Yucca Design customer survey told us:

Participants in the large-scale customer survey were asked to rate the "Flat Yucca", "Smart Yucca" and "Slim Line" design drafts with stars (0 to 5 stars). This is the result.

The winner is.....

"Flat Yucca" is the design favourite among the participants. Ranking:

1. Flat Yucca

2. Smart Yucca

3. Slim Line

Do women make different decisions than men?

For women, "Flat Yucca" is the preferred design option. The men are rather undecided – here the preferred design variants are quite close to each other.

Are there any preferences among the customer groups surveyed?

"Flat Yucca" is preferred for showrooms and by wholesalers. End customers, architects and planners prefer "Smart Yucca". Specialists and all other respondents appreciate "Slim Line".

And what role does age play in design choices?

Younger generations appreciate "Flat Yucca" and "Smart Yucca", while "Slim Line" is preferred among older age groups.

What does this mean for the future of Zehnder Yucca?

The collected customer preferences will influence the future design development of Zehnder Yucca. This deep involvement of customers in our innovation process, which methodically collects their opinions, wishes and ideas, allows us to create a product portfolio that optimally reflects the wishes of the market.

Advantages for your customers

  • Involvement in Zehnder’s innovation process
  • Development of products that are better tailored to customer preferences
  • A significantly more attractive portfolio thanks to new models for the Zehnder Yucca family

Advantages for you

  • You have more attractive products that have been developed with the input of end customers and other interest groups
  • Customer experience from Zehnder's specialist partners throughout Europe is incorporated into the innovation process
  • Zehnder develops new Yucca designs with high potential for success