Zehnder ComfoGrid Linea

New slot diffusers in a modern design for every ambience

Probably the most beautiful slot diffusers in the world. Available in three elegant designs: a black or white glass look and a stainless steel finish.

Design is playing an increasingly important role for customers – in new buildings and renovations alike. Air outlets should not only be functional, but also integrated into the selected furnishings for each space. The new Zehnder ComfoGrid Linea slot diffusers do this beautifully.
Instead of the usual, outdated, often purely functional grilles, Zehnder ComfoGrid Linea is a subtle and stylish addition to modern bathrooms and living environments. Practical: ComfoGrid Linea can be used in supply and extract air areas of comfort ventilation systems.

The Zehnder ComfoGrid Linea slot diffusers conceal air outlets and create a harmonising look for any living environment. Due to their unique shape, they can effectively distribute 75 or 90 m³/h of air around the room, depending on the version. This ensures optimum ventilation. For residents, that means maximum living comfort in their homes.

New assembly-optimised plastic housing

Designed for ceiling and wall mounting, Zehnder ComfoGrid Linea is combined with newly developed CSB housing. They form the link between the air distribution system and the slot diffusers. The easy-care plastic box prevents ingress of dirt during construction with the aid of special dirt barriers. The CSB housing matched to Zehnder ComfoGrid Linea is available in two widths: 436 and 636 mm. This guarantees flexible installation in any situation.

Advantages for your customers

  • Modern, high-quality design that integrates perfectly into any living environment
  • Choice of three attractive designs
  • Exceptional comfort due to low noise level and reduced pressure loss
  • Highly effective due to 75 or 90 m³/h distributable air volume in living environments
  • Wafer-thin installation height of only 6 mm
  • High-quality filters in the extract air protect the air distribution system from dirt

Advantages for you

  • Zehnder ComfoGrid Linea can be used flexibly: for supply air and extract air
  • Quick installation due to optimised housing consisting of an easy-care plastic box
  • Housing can be used universally with Zehnder round tubes of any diameter
  • Filter replacement is easier than ever thanks to the fall-proof fixing (nylon cord)