School ventilation

Optimising ventilation in schools has never been more important

Healthy, fresh indoor air for children and teachers thanks to Zehnder's ventilation system - Zehnder ComfoAir Q600 enthalpy.

The advantages of our ventilation systems are even more vital during the coronavirus pandemic. Continuous air exchange significantly reduces aerosols, thus lowering the risk of a coronavirus infection. Zehnder school ventilation is installed with the ComfoAir Q600 enthalpy and predefined air distribution components that can be adapted to local conditions in the classroom. The system permanently supplies the classroom with fresh, filtered air, which is preheated via the integrated heat exchanger.

Since having the Zehnder ventilation unit in our classroom, the air quality and room temperature have improved greatly.
According to feedback from a teacher in a school project in Upper Bavaria.

Stop the increased risk of colds due to blasts of air

Zehnder school ventilation helps avoid the constant blasts of air from open windows. The air exchange is fully automatic. Cold, heat and outdoor noise stay outside. The built-in filters remove dust and pollen from the outdoor air.
Most importantly: The low CO₂ content improves teacher and pupil concentration and for longer periods of time. It helps create an excellent overall learning environment removing the problem of classrooms with stale air. School administrators also benefit: The heat recovery integrated into the unit significantly reduces ongoing heating costs.
The units can be retrofitted room by room, which is particularly beneficial with renovations.

Used exactly where they are needed

The school ventilation system can be integrated and adapted extremely well into local conditions when it comes to installation and air distribution. It offers an array of control options including CO₂ demand control. Each room can be controlled individually. Optionally, a time programme specially adjusted to the teaching schedule can be stored in the ventilation unit. This allows the fan to be ramped up to maximum speed during breaks, for example. The built-in enthalpy exchanger ensures comfortable heat and humidity recovery.


  • Ideal for installation in renovations and new buildings
  • Ventilation units can be retrofitted room by room, especially for renovations
  • The school ventilation system has an excellent price to performance ratio
  • Optional integration into building technology
  • High energy efficiency and high heat recovery