My Zehnder 3D

The planning app for Zehnder decorative radiators

With "My Zehnder 3D", Zehnder decorative radiators can be easily displayed visually at home – ideal for your on-site consultation with the customer.

Indoor climate specialist Zehnder has developed an interactive app enabling users to integrate the company’s decorative radiators into their own interior design. Using virtual reality, the free app “My Zehnder 3D” allows users to visualise Zehnder decorative radiators for living and bathrooms easily and authentically in their own homes. They can choose from various models for living and bathrooms in over 50 colors and finishes, as well as the desired operating mode. In addition, the "My Zehnder 3D" app provides useful background information on Zehnder decorative radiators. In next to no time, users can find the ideal decorative radiator to suit their needs and style and share their selection with family and friends via e-mail.

Find the right radiator interactively, quickly and easily with My Zehnder 3D

On the "My Zehnder 3D" homepage, users can choose whether they wish to view radiators for bathrooms or living rooms. They can then choose the perfect decorative radiator for their interior space from various models. Zehnder Charleston, for instance, is an efficient and timeless all-rounder, ideal for adding a classic elegance to any design. Users requiring a more modern, practical bathroom look can test out Zehnder Ribbon, a true design highlight with diagonal flat tubes. The app also allows users to choose the size as well as the operating mode for the radiator, either electric, central heating or dual energy operation. What's more, the radiators can be visualised in over 50 colors and finishes. The app virtually integrates the individual Zehnder decorative radiators into the user’s room of choice, allowing them to try out which decorative radiator has the best look and feel for their interior design.

Print the result, save it or send it by e-mail

Furthermore, the app provides your customers a detailed product description, including technical specifications on the decorative radiator of their choice.

The results can be saved, printed and sent by e-mail. This allows users to share their dream radiator with family and friends – and later to transform their vision into a reality with you.

The free app "My Zehnder 3D" is available for iOS and Android on devices enabled for ARCore or ARKit.

Advantages for your customers

  • Choice of different decorative radiators for living and bathrooms
  • Presentation in more than 50 different colors and finishes
  • Your customers can visualise the decorative radiator at home in the planned installation location and check whether it meets their expectations
  • Authentic 3D presentation on yours and your customers' mobile device
  • Detailed information with photos, product descriptions and technical specifications

Advantages for you

  • Providing ideal support for product advice and the selection of Zehnder decorative radiators
  • A free offer for you and your customers